Fjordbergen Farm


We are a small fjord breeding farm and usually have one or two quality fjords for sale. We are located east of the Cascade mountains in Ellensburg, Washington.  Ellensburg is in the center of the state, with the Seattle area 1.5 hours to our west and Spokane 2.5 hours to our east.











Welcome to Fjordbergen Farm!

      Rakel &  Rebecca

 This photo was taken by   Jules Frazier shortly after  Rakel's foal, "Soren" was born.

Bill & Simba

heading down the driveway. Mt Stuart is in the distance.

Dawn on Simba at  the ocean.

Fjord horses are extremely versatile. We love to ride in the mountains and fjords are very reliable trail horses but they are capable of much more! Fjords are  competing successfully around the world in almost every discipline. Fjords are easy to train, sturdy, sure footed, and possess a calm and friendly disposition. If you are new to the fjord breed the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry has a great website with information regarding this very special breed.

Sigrid on Brown Mtn - late July 2011


Camping time!  Smith Lake, Pasayten Wilderness.  August, 2012. 

 Einar in the foreground, Caesar, Simba and Sigrid (right to left).


April 2015 - Sigrid is bred to Olivia Farm's Skogheims Viljar and due to foal May 18th!   To the right of Sigrid is her coming two year old filly, Stella (by Viljar also)!

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